Sanskrit Activities at IIT Kanpur

Āyurjñānam: Knowledge-Graph on Bhāvaprakāśa Nighaṇṭu
What is of Āyurjñānam?

Āyurjñānam consists of a knowledge-graph created through the manual annotation of Bhāvaprakāśa Nighaṇṭu. Currently, the annotation is complete for three chapters: Dhānyavarga, Māṃsavarga and Śākavarga.

Āyurjñānam also features a graph querying and graph browsing system to explore the knowledge graph in an effective manner.

How is Āyurjñānam created?

Āyurjñānam is a customised deployment of "Saṅgrāhaka", a framework for annotating nodes and entities towards construction and subsequent querying of knowledge graphs.

It is fine-tuned for usage with Sanskrit texts, in particular, an Ayurvedic glossary text, "Bhāvaprakāśa Nighaṇṭu".

We have created a rich ontology and performed annotations and some optimizations to construct the performant knowledge graph.

How can I participate?

We invite everyone to explore Āyurjñānam by creating an account.

We welcome contribution from Ayurvedic scholars towards annotation of "Bhāvaprakāśa Nighaṇṭu". Please create an account and contact the administrators for the access.