Kaṭapayādi Saṅkhyā

The ka·ṭa·pa·yā·di system (Devanagari: कटपयादि) is an ancient Indian alphasyllabic numeral system to depict letters to numerals for easy rememberance of numbers as words or verses. Assigning more than one letter to one numeral and nullifying certain other letters as valueless, this system provides the flexibility in forming meaningful words out of numbers which can be easily remembered.

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नञावचश्च शून्यानि सङ्ख्याः कटपयादयः।
मिश्रे तूपान्त्यहल् सङ्ख्या न च चिन्त्यो हलस्वरः॥

~ सद्रत्नमाला (शङ्करवर्मणः)

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